Friday, September 26, 2008


It's been a while since I posted here, I have been busy with laundry!! Seriously I had some much this week it was crazy, Sunday night when big sister bear came home from yet another visit at her Dad's. She discovered that the cats had peed on her bed, now that would not be a HUGE deal in a normal bed but big sister bear has LOTSand LOTS of pillows and blankets. So monday I spent the whole day just washing her things!! Then on tuesday I washed all the clothes that were found under big brother bears bed. There were so many no wonder he is forever complaining that he has no clean clothes he has been putting them under the bed instead of in the hamper where they belong.Weds. was the regular laundry (I normally do laundry on monday and friday), then thursday I decided to do the sheets,balnkets and pillow cases so that they could line dry one more time before the *s*n*o*w* I love the way the bed smells after the sheets dry on the line!!!!

Then last night big sister bear had another melt down, she was mad because I promised the middle bears I would bring home some cash for them to order T.C.B.Y's at school as they don't always get them( you see money is a luxary around here) so anyhow I went to the bank machine on weds. to make sure i had the $12.00 needed for them to each get 3 T.C.B.Y's durning the month. When she came home from school she saw the cash and infromed me that she needed to have $5.00 for the Terry Fox run. Now I don't have a problem with that. She should have told me sooner, here's why I didn't know. Her "other" Dad has decided that now that she's almost 13 (and I did the sleepless nights, the dirty diapers, the potty training, the parents teacher meetings, the nights of not knowing what was wrong while she cried) he should have a "chance" to be a Dad (his words not mine) so he signed the permission slip but did not read it and did not provide the funds required ( I wonder what will happen when she needs $430.00 for her band trip, he probally will not want to be a Dad that week) so I did not know about it so she deicded rather then me fufilling the promise to the middle bears I should give her the money, and a melt insuied, after which she called the said Dad and bashed the Mom for over and hour!!!!! I am not that bad I had Ashton at 17 and not once has someone else had to pay my rent or buy her food thats right folks I went to school I worked my but off School started at 8:30and was done at 3:00 and work started at 4:30 and did not end till 2:00am and then I went back to the baby who did not sleep!!!! Where was the hero Dad then? at home sleeping and out with friends!!!! I better stop or I'll say things I don't mean I just wish they would both stop and think of how this effects me!!! I love big sister bear and am not about to sit back and let him suddenly take over and move her in with him!!! She is mine!! If he wants a chance to be a full time Dad then he needs to get married and have some more babies I'm not about to give up mine !!!!!!!

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