Friday, September 12, 2008

lil sister bear

Lil sister bear was my 4 th pregnancy, she was not "planned" but was VERY much wanted from the minute we knew she was on the way. My pregnancy with her was very uneventful, aside for the few times I freaked out that she wasn't moving enough things went well. I had the usal morning sickness but even that wasn't that bad. I was working as a waitress at the 59 er until my seventh month when I was suddenly fired because of the pregnacy.

At 38 weeks we went in for a schduled induction, on monday feb 11. Lil sister bear was a bit stubborn after a very uneventful labour. Finally after 23 hours she was born. She was born feb.12 at 8:38 am, she weighed 7 lbs. 10 0z. She was perfect in everyway, she did not go to N.I.C.U. She stayed with me the whole time. We were very happy.

She came home on feb 14, Daddy bear picked us up and took us to Granma and Grandpa bears house and left us there. The plan was that Grandma bear would pick big sister bear up from school and bring her there and then after dinner Grandpa bear would take us home and help put big brother bear and big sister bear to bed then leave us till daddy bear came home again. My only complaint about her birth were the hemoraids, they were soooo bad. other then taht it all went well.

I just want to share a memory from those first few hours home, as you know we were staying at Grandmas and Grandpas bear house and at the time thier bathroom was very small. When big sister bear was born I had a 17 month old foster sister and I knew from her that I should not leave big brother bear alone with lil sister bear, so I put her right outside the bathroom door. When I came out big brother bear was trying to feed lil sister bear chocolate covered peanuts!!!!!(he was just 2 at the time) I am so glad I came out when I did!!!!

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