Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby bear (warning this post contain's poop)

I've been thinking...... Now that's usually not such a great idea.......but in this case it was, I posted me angel bears story but I still have 4 bears here with me so I thought I should post on them as well. Then I couldn't figure out where to start so I'll start with baby bear.

Here's baby Bear's story this far,my baby bear was a bit of a surprise.(a welcome surprise but a surprise none the less) You see he is the last of 5 babies. My morning sickness was there but tolerable, although I lost 20 pounds in the first 3 months (if only I could do that now :) ) Then at 26 weeks the contractions started for a while I thought me may have to go to the hospital, after a few hours they finally stopped and life resumed. Then at 32 weeks I got the flu it was sooooooo bad, I ended up in the hopstial for an I.V. and a shot of Demerol and went home a few hours later, only to discover not soon after that I had diabetes, so then EVERY week we saw our OBGYN, the diabetes doc, and had an ultrasound, we were checking our blood sugars 4 times a day and ended up having to inject insulin twice a day.

After all that for about 8 weeks, I went into labour at 37 weeks, off to the hospital we headed I would have stayed home longer but the folks around me were freaking, so off we went. My labour was pretty normal and after 15 hours our baby bear entered the world weighing 8 lbs. 7 oz. on April 19,2005.

We have decided that God new the things that were in store for us (of course he new, he knows everything) that is why he gave us Brycen. He knew we would need humor in ours lives and Brycen sure has provided this!!!!!

Some examples of the things we laugh at!!!! On Good Friday a few years ago we were to go to my parents house for dinner. Well we were dressed and ready to head out the door and baby bear decided that he should play in the paint. That's right the paint HE SPILLED A WHOLE GALLON OF PAINT on the floor and the leather sofa it was everywhere!!! Of course Daddy bear was not happy so he told baby bear to head for the bathroom what do you think happened?????

That's right little bear foot prints all the way down the hallway, I of course started yelling don't wash him yet I gotta get a picture no ones gonna believe this. We were soooooooo late!!!!

Another good example just happened a few weeks ago, baby bear is now 3 years old and totally potty trained. Well I'm in the living room folding laundry the two middle bears are out playing in the yard with baby bear, and the oldest bear is still sleeping ( she's a teen, that's pretty much all they do).When all of a sudden I hear baby bear yelling from the doorway the conversation went like this. These are his exact words!!!
Baby Bear: " Mom bring me toilet paper"
Me: "why"
Baby Bear: "I just crapped in the yard"
Me: "You what???" Thinking I had heard him wrong
Baby Bear: "I crapped in the yard"
Me: " YOu what???" still thinking I heard wrong
Baby Bear: I crapped in the yard just bring me toilet paper."
So I go over to see what is going on and there he is standing in front of the door with his pants around his ankles. He had pooped in the yard!!!!!
Apparnetly he is not only potty trained but house trained as well. I am so proud!!!!

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