Thursday, September 11, 2008

three angels

I have had a few questions about the fact that I have 3 angels. It is a little known fact that I not only had Mackenzie who passed at birth, we also had 2 other babies that grew their angels wings really early. Our first loss was Mackenzie, then 9 months after his loss we decided to try again and actually planned to get pregnant (we have never done this before or again) so we did then at 8 weeks I started spotting and went to the doc(this was a Monday)he ran a test to confirm the pregnancy and sent me home to take it easy for the next few days.I was told if I wasn't spotting anymore on weds. I could go back to work so that's what I did. On weds. at lunch the spotting started again. We went to the hospital had an ultrasound and were sent home. Our baby left us that night, we were devastated. We deicded that we would not try again because it was just to hard. Then we got pregant with big brother bear!!!

The other angel's story is much the same we lost that baby at 8 weeks right before lil sister bear!!!!