Thursday, September 4, 2008

one last comment on my angel baby

Okay I was thinking last night and I would like to do add one nore entry on my angel baby for now.

These are my only memories of my sweet baby.........
He was a mover whenever I leaned over something he kicked it or punched it,one time in the bath he pushed so hard on my belly I could see is foot, His daddy always wanted to feel him move and he always stopped before he could until one night I climbed into bed and Mackenzie was kicking so hard I told his Daddy to put his hand on my belly, as soon as he did Mcakenzie started punching.We laughed and my hubby asked what I had in there, I told him it was his kid!!! Four days before his birth his cousin was born and we wnet to see him in the hospital and I was holding his cousin and Mackenzie kicked him, his cousin didn't like it. And of course the night he died and his frantic movements I'll never forget that, or stop feeling guilty that I didn't do anything to help him. I'm so sorry my sweet baby, I didn't know :(

If I could do that night over I'd go to the hospital ASAP.

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