Tuesday, September 9, 2008

God's promise

While driving home toady after dropping Daddy bear off at work I got to thinking. A few days ago on the way home we ( me and the whole family) saw the most glorious rainbow. In fact it was so large that I could not get the whole thing on the camara screen at once. I feel like with everything that has happened in the past few years, God is trying to tell me something and maybe I'm not listening or I just don't get it. The bad things keep happening witin my family as aquick example, my son died, then my next son was born and brought right to the N.I.C.U, I had diabetes in my last pregancy, my Dad had a stroke, then both of my parents were invloved in a MAJOR car accident (infact if thr car had been hit just a foot over the would not have made it), and most recently my two middle bears have been diagnosed with PH1.

Okay so today while driving I began thinking about that rainbow, what if I have been thinking way to hard about the bad things? So then I treid to come up with the good things that have happened, and you know what they way out weigh the bad ones!!!!
First I have 4 beautiful, smart, healthy (for the most part) children that is four wonderful blessings that I should be so thankful for, my in laws have finally come from paraguay (now we all have a chance to get to know them it is wonderful to see the children interact with them), My parents are both here, there were only minor effects leftover from the storke and they are both still here!!!! My brother has married the most wonderful women who fits right in our family, and my sister is about to marry the most wonderful man who also has be come just like one of us!!!

So there you have it the blessings the Lord has given. Even some of the bad things are becoming blessings the things i learned about being a mom through the loss of angel bera would not have been learned without his loss. Don't get me wrong I'd give my right arm to have him back even for just a few hours, but that is not to be, so life goes on just as it will as we deal with this PH1. As a family WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO DESTROY US!!!!!!

IO am so thankful to God for all the blessings and that rainbow a few days ago on that road, that's what I needed a reminder that God is still there, even when we feel so alone!!!!

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