Monday, September 22, 2008

the weekend

Last weekend we were house bound, lil sister bear and big brother bear are now at 250 mg. of vitamin B6 daily. Lil sister bear seems to be handling it fine now that she's on it but getting her up that high was a problem every time she was moved higher ( we started at 50mg for 2 weeks, then moved to 100mg. for 2 weeks, until she was at 250mg.) she had an upset tummy and sometimes would lie around for 4 hours until her tunny felt better. Big brother bear on the other hand has been having nightmares. He'll wake up and be terrified, it us ally takes a while to calm him,then we pray that God will protect him and he usually goes back to bed this happens at least once a week. I feel so bad for him but it's either he takes the meds or has a trans plant. So anyhow now that we are at 250mg. The Doc wants to check and see if it is helping. So last weekend we spent at home collecting pee in a bottle.

So this weekend I was determined we would go to church, that was not to be...... You see on Wednesday, I took the truck to my weekly Bible study ( the van was working but is not insured because we just can't afford it)and I noticed a puddle under the truck that looked alot like anti-freeze. So the next morning I let the hubby know and sure enough it leaked for him at work to that day, but he needed to work so Friday off he went then he came home and said he could not fine the leak. The next morning (Saturday) We headed to Town to get groceries when we came out there was a large puddle. So we headed straight home, he started to pull the truck apart. It was the water pump, by the time we found the part, borrowed the money to buy the part and got someone to come and get him,the store was closed. Durning this time we realized that the phone did not work at all(no dial tone) so we had to go to the neighbors and borrow a phone (now where we live any neighbor visits require a bike) Needless to say we finally got the part and the hubby put the truck back together but yet again we did not make it to church. I finally figure out the phone phone to or MTS fixed it I'm not sure which.

Maybe next weekend will be better maybe???

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Ter said...

yikes! hope everything is ok now.