Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ramblings of a sleep deprived momma bear

I am dying to share my news but I just cannot yet!!!! I will say however that there are gonna be some brand new babies in my life in the near future, at least 5 so far (no one of them will NOT be mine!!!!!!), but I will not say who's they will be I'm just thrilled and cannot wait for these babies and to all the to be Moms and Dads I will babysit!!!! Call me!!!!

With that said I'm gonna rant about what I came on here to rant about, Sleep!!!! That's right sleep or should I say the lack of sleep, ever since the recent trip to the E.R. (6 weeks ago) baby bear is still not sleeping in his own bed, last night I slept in between my baby bear and my hubby bear, needless to say not much sleep happened, hubby bear snores and moves alot, and baby bear does not sleep unless he is touching me, I just do not know how to get him to sleep in his own bed, we have brought him back upwards of 6 times in a night and he just keeps coming back after a 1/2 hour or so. He was REALLY scared at this last E.R. trip and I know that he feels the need to know that we are close but seriously, I need my sleep feeling a bit like a zombie today, yesterday I lay down with baby bear around 10:30am for an hour so we could go to baby bears friends house for a play date in the afternoon and woke up at 2 pm, we slept for 2.5 hours, we didn't make it to the play date as I had to work. Tuesday I called my mom and ended up in tears, because the hot water wasn't working needles to say she saved me and had me bring her the kids then I had a LONG hot bath at her house. ( I love my MOM)

One more shift and I will be off for 2 days, then I will get this house clean, I will sleep, and I will do something with the family like a family dinner. Hopefully one day soon baby bear sleeps in his own bed, and if he doesn't he'll move out one day right??? I guess I'll sleep then, and just to clarify I AM NOT COMPLAINING< having my baby bears is a blessing, I know only to well that they are only borrowed to me and God in his infinite wisdom can call them home to be with him whenever he feels the time is right, so I will enjoy the sleepless nights as much as I can, and know that this to is only for a season, and try to remember that one day I WILL miss having my baby bear in my bed. Maybe by then I will have some grand baby bears who will ALWAYS be welcome in my home and my bed!!!! :-)

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Ter said...

I like the photo you have here....

Sorry you're not getting enough sleep. That can be difficult!

Hope all works out in the end!