Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Schnitzel was our wiener dog, Lil sister bear is an animal lover, she has always wanted a puppy. Daddy bear promised her a puppy, so after saving for a while it was decided that we would get a puppy. We picked a miniature dachshund as our new puppy, he was 4 months old and was a dapple (simply meaning he was tri-colored).

Schnitzel was with us for just a few weeks when we found out about the PH1 in little sister bear because I was convinced that she was dying I was so glad she got her puppy. After being with us for just 6 months he ran into the side of a van and died. It has just been recently that I have really missed the little guy, we did get a new puppy, but she is really large (a golden lab cross) and so she is outside, though we love her she's just to big to be in our little house, maybe it's time to start saving again and get a new small puppy???

That's the thought for today, we'll see what happens!!

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Ter said...


I'm sorry your dog died. :(