Saturday, November 7, 2009

another day another box to unpack!!!

So today is Saturday and we (or me) have unpacked a few more boxes and our bedroom is finally looking like our bedroom and lil sister bears room is finally looking like a little girls room!! now to try and get the rest of this place organized if only there were unpacking fairies. However my mother in law has been very helpful, and the fact that both of our vechiles broke down on the same day leaving us with now wheels or borrowed wheels means that we spend ALOT of time hanging around at home. In fact the tranie went in the van last Thursday and it is still sitting in The parking lot at the walmart in Selkirk, cause we are just not sure how we will fix it or how we will by a new van??? And since the truck caught fire the same Thursday night, it still sitting at the diesel shop in Selkirk as we wait to see what auto pac will fix, they did not cover the "cause" of the fire but that was easy since it was the starter and that was still under warranty as it had just been changed a week and a half ago!!!
Now to see if I can get hubby bear up off of the sofa so we can put the mirror on the dresser.....wish me luck!

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