Tuesday, November 10, 2009

finally wheels

We have been without our own wheels since the 29th of october, let me tell you is has been hard, although we have had some borrowed to us you still have the what if theres an accident. What if it breaks down, which in one case it did but it was a problem they knew about (the fuel pump) and were waiting for it to finally quit. Then my Ex (big sister bears Dad) borrowed us his little car. That has been good cause it's cheap on fuel and it has conviced Daddy bear to sell his truck that's right folks we currently have a Ford F 250 super duty extedned cab diesel with 405 kms on it for sale. He wants to buy a small car and this was all his idea!!! Incase your wondering the problem with the truck wasn't a seroius as we first thought it was the starter (it was faulty) so everything has been repaired in fact it has a new starter, a new alternator, newer tires,and the water pump has been changed in the last little while!!! Hurray for smaller wheels!!!!

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Ter said...

glad you finally have a mode of transportation! :)