Wednesday, November 4, 2009

our last few months

I have put it off long enough now here's the blog about what happened our last few month, however it will be short form!!! Anyhow we made the decision to move from our home in Libau(a 2 bedroom trailer that we owned but were renting the lot, we were having some problems with the landlord upping the rent when ever he felt like it i.e: we were paying 250.00 then we paid $300.00 and then it was upped to $350. all in the course of 4 months. The last straw was a $50.00 late few for paying the rent on the first of the month.) anyhow we made the move and the old landlord was not happy he said we had to give 60 days notice and he expected us to pay for the month of September, instead we found someone to buy the trailer for $500.00 and she was to pay Septembers lot rental, all was well or so we thought.
We made the move and within two days of being there received a letter from our new landlord "warning" us not to allow the previous tenant to pick up their mail, she would pick it up and bring it to them (or rather their mother's house as they didn't want her to know where they were!!!) not only did we get this letter of warning so did the neighbor across the street.In fact that letter says private and confidential on the top, not to be shared with a third party!!! then showing up ALL the time started, the first unexpected visit was on Sept. 8 at 8:30 pm, to talk to Jeff about not putting up a fence. Then September 9 she showed up at which time I allowed her into the house she had brought us another copy of the rental agreement at 10:00am, then again at 11:00am to bring us a "house warming" gift of a fish??? September the 25 she called about the water bill, saying we hadn't changed the bill into our name yet, the hubby called the water company right after her call (she also called him at work) then she showed up that evening to bring more housewarmimg gifts for the kids (a huge bag of junk from value village) Then things started to go down hill fast!!! On Sept.23 at 1:00pm she left a note in the mailbox about coming to paint the trim on the shed and the bathroom window. We told her that that was fine but I would not be home the next day and did not want her to be in the house with out us present, when she arrived on the 24 at 1:00pm I was in fact home because little sister bear was "sick" an had to be picked up at school( in fact she wasn't sick but she had a substitute teacher and had a belly ache she doesn't like cahange) on September the 24 as I was leaving for work sh left a letter thanking us for allowing her to come and paint the shed and trim. she then goes on to say that they will come back and dig up the garden after the ripe tomato's are picked, she then goes on to say that we cannot build the wall in the basement for big sister bears room, and maybe we should find a bigger house or we can move our bays and big sister bear can have their room, then she says that she will give us 24 hours notice before she comes in to do a cleanliness and clutter inspection. The place cannot attar ct mice and rodents nor can it be a fire or health hazard (no kidding you think I have small kids) When she does the inspection she will also inspect "her" fridge and stove??? Then she jumps to the trees outside how they give off branches and leaves and maybe the children could pick these up!! I called her that night from work telling her that I would allow an inspection but would not allow her into the children's bedrooms as they are there rooms and I don't think she needs to go in there!!! our original agreement said that inspections would take place once every six months, now suddenly she wanted in all the time and we had only been there for 24 days at this point. at one point in this rambling letter she says "having three 3 kids in the basement, closed off, and perhaps with clutter is not healthy. ( yeah cause I put my kids in the basement and then pack boxes and things around them!!) at the end of the letter she says if you have nothing to hide then allow an inspection. the next day child and family services were at my door, someone called them and told them that my house was filthy, the children weren't being feed and they were dirty. I couldn't believe that someone called on me ( I don't claim to be the greatest mother in the world but I would do ANYTHING for my kids as would most of the moms I know) Anyhow they walked though the house and talked to my boys who were both home in fact one was eating breakfast when they came in. After that they left and closed the file!!! The next data Sept.26 guess who was at the door around noon that's right the landlady, I couldn't believe she had the gall to show up at my door after calling CF'S, So I go to the door and as I open the door the children run from the house crying, she is standing on the step smiling at me,
LL:she says that my hubby called her and told her we would be looking for a new place to live,
Me:to which I say well yeah you called CFS on me. She looks shocked for a minute then smiles
LL: well yeah I had to
Me: you had to why did you have to
LL: well your living in filth
Me: how do you know that you have never been in my home, come on in and do your inspection right now.
LL: no I'm not gonna do that of course it's clean you cleaned after they were here. you know you have a mental problem.
Me: Debra I don't have the problem your the one with the mental problem.
she looks at her mother who was standing on the deck and says
LL: did you hear what that fat lazy a** just said to me, then turns to me and says you need to get the f*** out of my house and this town right now, no one wants you here. then she storms off, around the front of the house as I close the door I think to myself the kids went out front I have to go to them, I get around the side of the house as she reaches the street, I see that the whole neighborhood is out on the sidewalk and has heard the exchange. the neighbors tell her to get into her car and get off the street or they will call the police. My kids had gone over to the neighbors house to get away from the landlady. That same day I receive 4 letters of warning,that I must not pu up bunk beds, that my rent must be paid on the first, that I must clean up the ripened tomato's in the garden or my rental agreement will be terminated. The best one is the letter of warning that 'You must note address me in a hostile manner, with your sad stories, and in a hostile manner with claims of harassment and slander. You must not try to provoke me in a loud voice as you have done in the past. You must not make an unfavorable report to nearby neighbors in a quest for their sympathies about me or my business as you have done in the past. you have until September 2009, to correct these behaviours." and on it goes, in the end CFS was called on us, the police were called on us twice and the final straw came when she peered into the bedroom windows at the children after they had been put to sleep. on Sept. 30 we made the decision to vacate the home (she peered into windows on Sept.29) we left it that night. After we moved we found out she had been around town claiming we had a grow op in our home, she also made a pile of crazy accusations about us to people she doesn't know that we know. She has shown up at the hubby's place of employment twice and has called his boss to ask questions about him, she has also called my place of employment claiming to be doing some private investigating??? Hopefully this crazy person is out of our lives forever, I feel sorry for the new tenants they have no idea what they are in for!! She apparently does this to all her tenants, in another home, I know that she went in and cleaned "her" fridge and stove while the tenants were gone away, she also went thought their drawers while she was in there. Not only that but she phoned hydro and pretended to be me in order to get my account info. This women is dangerous and I'm glad I'm no longer in her home.!!! Now that that's off my chest I will finish this post!!! :-)

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ugh, I'm glad you're out of there too!