Friday, November 27, 2009

singing in the rain!!

I have been avoiding posting on my blog because I don't want this to be a entirely sad blog so since our lives have been in total turmoil I just haven't posted!!! Well I think its about time, yes things have been bad a quick review of the things in our lives that have been affected, we have moved away from the crazy landlady and spent a whole month "hiding" from her. We then found a home in Winnipeg which is really not what we wanted as we had to move the children from their school again!! God had different plans!!! the day before our official move to the city the transmission on the van went at the walmart in Selkirk, that night the hubby was picking me up at work and the truck caught fire, thankfully the damage was minimal (it was faulty starter) so there we are about to finish the move with no vechile. Thankfully we had people borrow us wheels until our truck was fixed, once the truck was fixed it was decided that we would sell the truck, well that week I was fired from my job, I was accused of stealing and according to that corporate head office I all but took the bathroom toilets (of course for those of you that actually know me you know that this is NOT TRUE!!!!) Anyhow I lost my job, so there I am in Selkirk no vechile, no cash and no way to get someone to come and get me. Long story short I was able to make a collect call and after a 7 km walk and about 2.5 hours I was found and taken home. A week and a half later my husband was also laid off, in his case it was a total case of favoritism (all the shop Foreman's friends stayed even the ones who are totall slackers and need to run hoe to make sure their girlfriends aren't cheating on them, and the ones that come in lat ALL the time) Anyhow, there were are just moved and both UN employed!!!

So enough about that we were able to sell our truck which brought in enough money to pay the rent for a few days, a dear friend payed our hydro bill for us and my Bible study group brought us a pile of food, and ALOT of LOVE!!! This time in my life has really taught me ALOT first my friends are the greatest, second we belong to a wonderful church and third GOD does ALWAYS supply. My Mom said something very important and it really has made me think If I'm on my knees then I can't stumble, so God has me on my knees to keep me from stumbling!!!

God is good!!

Even though we have no idea why all these "bad" things are happening God is there he is holding us up as we walk through this, I pray that whatever I'm holding on to that God wants me to give up he reveals it to me, and that I am open to him and the good things he has in store for us.

So we are singing in the rain, and hopefully singing so loud that the world hears us!!! For God truly is a Good God!! And I am blessed to be called his daughter!!

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