Tuesday, July 7, 2009

butter tarts and sewing machines

How do these things go together? Well yesterday I made about 150 butter tarts, some of them where duds
(Which my husband thorughly enjoyed, although he had a belly ache afterwords) and the rest are for my little sisters wedding! Today I tried to use my sewing machine the key word there is tried, for some reason the bobbin compartment keeps coming out and I then have to take everything apart to fix it then it works for awhile then I have to fix it again. I think I will have to take it to the sewing machine doctor!!

In a past post I mentioned that a friend was waiting to see if she was ahvig another boy (she has two already) or a girl, well she had the baby and it's a girl!!!!!

Now the task is figuring out how to entertain the child all summer?? It has only really been a week since they were off and they are already deiving me up the wall.I think I said go outside more times today they I ever have before,that and please close the door!! Anyone have any ideas I'm open to them!!!

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