Friday, July 3, 2009


My baby sister is gettingg married in 8 days!!! Today as I put the finishing touches on the guest book quilt, ring bearer pillow and the flower girl baskets I think again about my own marriage and am so thankful that I have a loving husband whom I love and know he loves me!!! Don't get me wrong we have our days but all in all I know and I hope he knows that when the hard times hit (and they seem to hit a lot around here) that we are in it for the long haul no matter what!!! I love you Daddy bear!!!

On asomewhat sad note june 30 has again come and gone. My angel bear celebrated his 11 th birthday in heaven I'll bet it was some party!!! One day I will be there to celbrate with him, until then I spend that day thinking about him, and having a good cry not a single day goes by without thinking about him but his birthday is by far the worst!!! The years have made the whole in my heart bareable, and yet that seems like the wrong word I don't think. It gets bareable I think you just learn to live with it!!!

This year on his day myself and baby bear went to the cemetary to bring him a hugs and kisses balloon and white tiger liles!! There is something so sad in watching your child run across a cemetary to bring his brother (who he will never know in this life time ) his birthday balloon, and yet I am so glad that all my other children know that they have angel brother and are not scared to talk about him. Infact they did not get to go see him on his birthday because I had to work so they were going with daddy bear when the brakes failed on the truck so they have been asking all week to go see him!! Maybe tonight!!

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