Sunday, July 12, 2009

no more left

That's it my parents have no more single children left, as of yesterday we are all married!!
My sisters wedding went very well, although there were a few minor glitches, such as the favors for the desert reception are still in the front of my van, the ring moose (I'll explain that a little little further down) walked down the isle without his pillow and the cake had a small accident!!(Totally still useable, and we were able to turn it so you couldn't see the damage)

Other then that thingd went well.The night before the wedding both flower girls were in tears not wanting to have any part in thr wedding, infact lil sister bear had herself so worked up over it that she had an upset belly for a few days before. She cried all the way down the isle on the first run, the second time she still didn't look happy but wasn't crying.The day of she didn't cry at all she did a wonderful job, so did the other flower girl they were so cute.
The day of the rehersal I over heard baby bear telling big brother bear and lil sister bear that he did not want the be a ring bear he wanted to be a ring moose instead!! So from there on he was known as the ring moose by everyone!!
The wedding was a rainbow themed, the brides flowers were rainbow roses (if I ever figure out how to upload pics I'll post some!!) There were rainbows everywhere!! The flowergirl and the ring moose (who are only 5 months apart) were totally in love they went everywhere together!!

Most of all the love between the bride and groom was there and everone could see it.So now its all them as they learn all the things about each other that they don't yet know!!So congrats to the newly weds!!

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