Thursday, July 2, 2009

first mobile post

I still do not have internet at home, but I do now have access on my phone! However it took awhile to figure out how to log In to my blog. I think I finally figured it out!!

Lots has happened in the last few months. The biggest thing is that my. Nephew is here!! Nephew bear joined our family on May 13 and he is the most perfect, beautiful baby in the world!!

A few friends have also added additions to their families one is now a mom of 3 boys and the other is now a mom of a son and a daughter, one friend is still waiting!

On a sad note we think that little sister bear may have kidney stones again, she had quite a bit of pain a few weeks ago and had to be taken to childrens hospital emergency on a tuesday and again to see the doc and have an ultrasound on thursday we have not received the results of the ultasound yet and are hoping that it is not stones but just calicum depoists!!!

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