Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Okay so we are faced with a question....we have been offered a 3 bedroom house (with permission to add a 4 bedroom) house in town. This would mean I would be 5 minutes from work and my DH would be about 10-15 from his job. Currently we are paying at least 500 a month for gas as we are about 30 minutes away from both our jobs, and anything else we might need/want. We have also been having some problems with our current "landlord" (ie: coming home to random notes wanting to increase our rent, and a note for a 50 dollar late fee for paying the rent on the first he says rent in due before the 1 ?????) Okay so a move would mean paying almost twice the current rent but our fuel price would be de creased by 90 percent, it would also mean that the children would need to change schools. But we would all be closer to our friends big sister bear would be able to get a part time job or babysit more. There are so many things to think and pray about. I hope we make the right decisions!!!

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