Monday, January 4, 2010

here we go again ** This is another Mom post and it deals with poop**

So it's a new year and life seems to have settled, do I enjoy working overnights, it could be worse. I really think it's not as bad as everyone thought it would be, however sometimes sleep is hard to come by. Eventually it works out, and lucky me that children asked for pizza pops for lunch that's easy enough.
Yesterday Ashton came home from her Dad's house and he dropped a bomb, he wants Ashton to live with him for 2 weeks out of the month!!! Does he really think this is going to happen? I don''t think so I don't just give my kids away!! Seriously I have NEVER said no to him spending extra time with her, he just never did. and he can pick her up whenever he wants for extra time, but her moving out of my home I don't think so!!With that being said let's see how things work out!!
I pray that whatever happens, it be the best thing for Ashton, not for me and not for her Dad but for Ashton, cause that's what this is all about!!
So over the last week I have barely seen my hubby, Jeff is now working on his on as a driver for CAA and HE LOVES IT!!! I don't think he could have found a more perfect job!! But with him being on the bottom of the totem pole, he has to work the shifts that have been given to him and since I work overnights you see how a problem can suddenly appear. Well last week was no exception I work 11pm to 7 am, and he was working 6 am to 2 pm. Now normally Ashton is here,so she babysits for us, but she went to her friends house and then to Daddy's house so she was gone those two days. So my parents took the 3 younger ones for a sleep over, that stretched to 2 nights. When the kids came home they were excited and had lots of things to tell us, mostly about Buddy( my Dad's beagle). There was however one thing that all three children told me, at different times completely un aware that anyone else had told me. What is that you ask well the exciting thing they did was watch Dr.Oz. Yup Dr. Oz, now this wasn't just any Dr.Oz. show nope this one was about poop!!! And that's why this was so exciting, yup Tony told me all about good fats and bad fats and the sound your poop should make when it hits the water!! Brycen informed me that there were 2 ladies on the show that had to show Dr. Oz what their poop looked like by forming it from clay (that really looked like poop) and J'naya just mentioned that they watch the Dr. Oz show and it was about poop she's not nearly as excited about it as the boys, being a girl and all. So this was the highlight of their visit to Grandma and Grandpa's wait till I tell the folks!!!

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