Friday, January 1, 2010

new years!!

It is January 1 2010, over the last few days several people have asked what my new years resolutions will be my answer I really don't know!!! I have thought about it and here's what I have come up with:
-I resolve not to let a day go by without the children having there medicine (sometimes it gets forgotten because we're out)
-I resolve to ALWAYS carry a water bottle, because of the kidney stones the kids are always supposed to have access to water but again it's easy to leave the house without water.
-I resolve to try and give up my pop addiction and drink water instead.
-I resolve to try and forgive myself for the loss of Mackenzie, and this is the BIGGY, cause I just don't know where to start or how to do this.

So there it is my resolutions for the year!!!

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ter@waaoms said...

I am trying to cut back on the coke too! I only had about 3 today, which isn't bad compared to my usual 6 or so! and I went 3 days without having any!