Saturday, January 16, 2010

paint and children

this is a pic of the walls that will now be red instead of this green that TONY hated!!!
Since Tony's birthday is so close to Christmas I must admit that most years he gets "ripped" off, he usually gets clothes for his birthday because really he just got PILES of toys. Well this year he deiced ed that he would like new bedding and this has in turn turned into a mini bedroom makeover of sorts. Now since both boys share a room I wanted to be sure that both bedding sets and paint colors would match. Then in true Grandma style my mother went and bought paint for the room even after talking to me about it and completely ignoring tha fact that I did not want to change Brycen's bedding as well. Now I know she was just trying to make Tony happy but really what about my pocket book? Anyhow she called me and asked how much paint she should buy (Tony wanted Red and Blue) I told her that a gallon of blue and a smaller tin of red would be lots. Since Brycen's bedding has NO red in it I really wanted his side of the room to be more blue then red. I will not be changing his bedding as he has only had it for about a year and he still LOVES Diego. So she bought 2 gallons of blue and one of red. This is WAY to much paint, what will I do with it all, she said i should paint J's room blue to fair?? I think not she wants pink. So far all the walls that will be blue have been painted and we still have a full gallon left. I'm hoping I can take it back to the hardware store and get it darkened?? Then Ashton can use it in her room. Tomorrow morning we will be adding the red, so in the windows and the wall right next to Tony's bed and the part of the wall that sticks out next to the door will be painted red as well as the baseboards. So most of the red will be on Tony's side of the room. I'm trying to get this all finished for next weekend as Tony is supposed to be having a birthday party however we have handed out 10 invites and so far no R.S.V.P's to speak of???? Wonder what that's about. So Tony got new bedding and I found a scoreboard light on Kijiji for sale that will be perfect in there now to find some night tables.

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ter@waaoms said...

people these days are horrible at returning RSVPs! half the time, the people who say they are coming don't and the people who never responded do. so I dunno!! I really hate that in this day and age our culture is not civilized enough to return an RSVP.

the paint looks good so far! I'm sure you'll find a use for the rest of the paint. Maybe if you have old dressers or bookshelves you could paint them too.