Saturday, January 9, 2010


This week our postal carrier knocked on the door, We had a registered letter, my first thought.... He didn't really (thinking it was from Ashton's Dad's lawyer,I must note that we do not have a court order, we never have, we have always been adults about this and wanted Ashton not to be in the middle that is until now that's why I really don't get this...anyhow that's not what this post is about) after a quick glance to see where it came from I realize nope it's from Jeff's former job. A quick letter to say that after the temporary lay off that came in November and was to be only for 8 weeks, it still has not picked up and he will not be called back (not that he was going back he is now employed else where and LOVES his job, and hopefully here there won't be the whole I'm the "boss' " friend so I can walk around all day texting on my phone and pretty much doing nothing, with no family to support and not get laid off, while the hard working people with families who have worked there longer get let go) Long story short A BIG FAT lie, we know that they have been calling people back but apparently no one there can man up and make a call. A simple we know you have a new job and so we'll lay you off call. Nope a letter full of lies form a company who prides themselves on being "Christian" . I just don't get it am I saying that EVERYTHING I do is right ummmmm NO, no one is perfect I just think that this was handled way wrong. 7 years of hard work, going to work when he was puking, only leaving when he HAD to. And this is how it ends a letter full of lies. He's hurt to say the least. They could have had the balls to call!!!

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