Thursday, January 7, 2010

I just don't get it!!

I have been a Mom for 14 years, that's right folks I became a Mom at 17, I loved Aston's Dad, I was heart broken when the relationship ended. I would not have chosen this but because of choices he made this is how it had to be. For 1 and a half years I was a single Mom...... it was hard, I still went to school and I worked like I said it was hard. Child support has been there but has been missed at times, so it's not always dependable!! Anyhow when Miss. Ashton was 2 I married Jeff, I have known Jeff since I was 12, Jeff has been Ashton's Dad for 12 years. Now that Ashton is 14 her Dad has finally bought a house and moved out of his parents house. Now he wants my daughter!! I will not give up my daughter, I don't care that I have other children (he doesn't) She's still my kid and I can't let her go. He's VERY angry and she doesn't want to go. She would prefer to have life stay the same. Now if only I could get him to back down, and stop picking fights. The fighting is hurting Ashton way doesn't he get that? I no longer will be expecting child support, he uses this as an excuse to demand things, if he gives me money I will rip it up or burn it, I don't want his money it feels like blood money a good reason for him to cause trouble. I NO LONGER WANT ANY MONEY FROM HIM!!!

How does a person change so much?? How can you love someone so much and have that someone be so different, in the same thought I know that I no longer am the same person that I was 14 years ago, I'd like to think that I an still compassionate person. I know I'm different life has had ALOT of hard lessons for me. I'd also like to think that I'm stronger in my faith with God, The one thing that I have learned is that God is always there even when we think he's not, sometimes he just steps back and lets us find him, he's always there waiting with open arms wanting to be there for us!!!


ter@waaoms said...

as I mentioned on facebook, if he genuinely cares about his daughter and wants to be apart of her life, he will do it on her terms. It is unfair of him to expect her to up and change her whole life around. It'd be different if she wanted to, then you'd have to trust her to make that decision, but if she doesn't want to he has to respect that.

Miriam said...

This is a very rude question, especially since I don't know him, but is he wanting her half time so he doesn't have to pay child support anymore? Or does he really want her to spend two weeks a month with him?