Friday, January 8, 2010

My Family

I added a few new things to my blog, one being the silhouette family, as you can see Mackenzie is being held above Jeff's head and is a baby even though he was born almost 13 years ago and the reason I chose this is because he's always going to be a baby in my eyes. I'm not sure what he'll be like when I finally meet him, but it's just to hard to imagine him as a pre teen. Wow he'd be a pre teen, I'd have 3 children in double digits. Well almost Tony hits the big 10 next week. The other new thing is the play list, some of my favorite songs, I LOVE Mercy Me and their song I can only imagine, because I can only imagine what my response will be when I finally see Jesus face to face. The other song on there Amazing Grace, both of these songs usually move me to tears, I can only imagine because it's just so powerful and amazing grace because it's about the only thing I remember about Mackenzie's funeral, other then my milk finally coming in and how much it hurt, yet another reminder that there was no baby to feed, so it hurt emotionally and physically. Anyhow just wanted to do a quick post to point out the "new" things happening in my little bloggy world!!!


ter@waaoms said...

look at you getting all fancy! :)
and it looks like you changed your blog name too? I almost mixed you up because another blog I read used that for their name for a while. (she's since changed it, I think!)

Momma bear said...

opps sorry to mess with your head, but at this point I think singing in the rain fits us!!! hehehe, anyhow the address is still the same !!!