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I thi=ought I had posted about each child's birth and yet as I'm looking through the "old" posts I can't find Tony's birth story. We got pregnant with Tony 4 weeks after our first miscarriage the Dr. did not want us to get pregnant for 3 months. With the first miscarriage I had an ultrasound where they found out that the baby had stopped growing at 4 1/2 weeks (I was 8 weeks pregnant) shortly after that ultrasound I lost the baby, then I had to go back for a follow up appointment to make sure that there wasn't anything left that could cause us problems in the future. At that ultrasound the tech showed me where I would ovulate from ( that would now be Tony) I think it's neat that I saw him before he was (if that makes sense). Anyhow Tony's pregnancy was HARD I had stress headaches ALL the time, in fact I only worked for a short time and spent the rest of the time at home. I just couldn't handle the thought that my baby might die. Near the end of the pregnancy we went every 2 weeks for an assessment and I was told that if ever I had a concern about the babies movement I could come in and they would do an assessment for me!! Anyhow there were no real concerns durning this pregnancy other then I was sure he wouldn't make it. we were induced on the morning of Jan. 13, 2000. My labour progressed rather quickly at some point I was given an epidural. At 8:20 pm I was fully dilated, I was asking the dr. to please check me. He wouldn't he just kept saying we have called your Dr. and she will be here any minute. I was hooked up to a fetal heart monitor and only allowed off of it for 15 minutes at a time. Well suddenly the heart beat was gone, of course we freaked out at that point. The Dr. said he was gonna put a monitor on the babies head so that we wouldn't lose the heartbeat again. I remember begging the Dr. to please let me deliver and he just kept saying no, they gave me Thea gas mask and told me to use that, I even told the Dr. he was lucky he was a Cross the room and I couldn't feel my legs because if he got to close I was gonna kick him. I asked Jeff to help me stand up cause I told him then the baby would fall right out. Well when he decided to do the monitor change he came up over to the foot of the bed and he pulled up the blanket and looked over his shoulder at the student that was with him and said to her how do you feel about delivering this baby HE'S RIGHT HERE!!! I just looked at him and said I've been telling you that for a while now. When they finally allowed me to push Anthony was born in 2 pushes.Anthony Braedyn Reimer was born on Jan.13, 2000 at 9:06 pm, I cried so hard as soon as he cried I just couldn't believe that he was alive. I kept saying to Jeff over and over oh Jeff look he's breathing you have to look at him he's actually breathing. Now I always get the shakes really bad when I'm ready o deliver so it's always a little while before I actually hold that baby because I don't want to drop the baby so when I finally dared hold him. I nursed him. While I was nursing him I told the nurse that there was something wrong he wasn't breathing right. She said he just had some Flem in his throat. We went with it finally I he was taken to the nursery and I was moved to my room, My Mom ( who had been there for the birth) and Jeff both went home. I had just fallen asleep when a women came into my room and explained to me that indeed there was something wrong with my babies breathing and that he had been moved into the N.I.C.U and that I should call the nurse in the morning and that she would show me how to get in to see him. That is pretty much all I remember form the conversation. When morning rolled around I did just that I called the nurse and explained that I would like to go see my baby but at this point I didn't even know where he was. She took me down and showed me how to call into N.I.C.U and tell them who I was they buzzed me in and explained that every time I came in I was to wash my hands and arms very well and then showed me where my baby was. I was lead to an incubator with my beautiful son in it (he was huge compared to the other babies he was 7 lbs. 12 oz. the baby next to him was born at 4 lbs and the twins across the way were even smaller) but he was hooked up to so many machines he had two leads to monitor his breathing, one for his heart rate, one to monitor his co2 levels and an I.V. so it was all a little scary. It so happens that I came in at change over so the nurses were Ina meeting, I could see them all standing there but no one cam,e over to me. I sat in the chair staring at my baby wondering if it was bad, it sure looked it!! When they were done Tony's nurse came over and put her hand on my shoulder and asked how I was I started to cry, I told her I was scared and I didn;t know what was happening. She assured me that while they didn't know what was wrong they did know that he was okay, and were still waiting on test results she then explained what all the leads were. Then she allowed me to hold and nurse him. It really wasn't as bad as it looked. After a while I was sent back to my room to rest. At that point I called my Mom, I made her promise she wouldn't tell Jeff that the baby was in the N.I.C.U I wanted to tell him and I would tell him when he got there that evening. Of course when a baby is in the N.I.C.U they don't allow everyone in to see him so only Jeff, myself my parents and Ashton were allowed to see him while he was there. When Jeff came to see us that night I explained of co ruse we were concerned. Tony was born on a Thursday they allowed me to stay with him till Monday then they sent me home. Again I went home with empty arms I cried all the way to my Mom's house (because we lived in Libau 1 1/2 hours form the hospital we stayed at my Mom's for almost a week before the birth and after to) When i saw my Mom I just sobbed, I cried myself to sleep that night. The next day Jeff dropped me at the hospital at 6:00 am then went to work and Tony went for a C.T. scan. All day I waited for the results of the scan but there was a baby brought in with some major heart problems. Anyhow when Jeff got there the plan was that we were gonna go for dinner at hi auntie's house in fact Ashton had been dropped off there because she didn't want to come to the hospital. Well right before we were going to leave the doctor came to see us. He asked if we wanted to take our baby home that night, boy did we ever, he explained what was wrong ( that his one nasal passage was smaller then it should be and that hie threaca wasn't cartaliage the was it should be and was partially collapsing. From there it was decided that we would go have dinner then go home and get the car seat and come back and when we got back he would be ready to go home. The nurse heard us say we were going to surprise my parents and we knew that they had no plans to visit that night ( it had been a very long 5 days since he was born) what we didn't know was that my Dad was going to phone to see how he was. When he phoned he spoke with Tony nus re and she asked if he would be seeing me today? He said yes of course and she said well I'll let her explain what's going on. Of cor use they thought something was wrong, we didn't know that this was happening. We did everything as fast as we could we just wanted to bring our baby home. When we got to my parents house Jeff put the car seat in the kitchen on the floor and my sister came into the living room demanding to know what was happening, all I said was aren't you even going to undress your nephew, she said yeah right he's not in there. I just told her to take a second look at that point she yelled at my Mom "Mom they brought the baby home" it didn't take but a minute for my Mom to appear again tears were shed this time all happy tears. That is when my parents explained how worried they were, but it was a very good surprise!!! The reason i was looking for Tony's birth story is that tomorrow is Tony's 10 birth I can't believe how fast time passes!!!

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