Friday, January 15, 2010


So we found out that in fact Jeff's old employer has called back EVERYONE expect Jeff, he's hurt after 7 years you'd think they could at least call. He had no intention of going back but the courtesy of a call would have been nice .
Feels like a slap in the face!!
Oh well life goes on.
What is with the different shifts competing all the time, really we all have a job to do when something on one shift isn't done you'd think the other shift would step up and help but no it turns into a HUGE deal, it's just silly really it shouldn't be like that do I think one shift is Superior to another? Nope we are all there to do a job, I just wish that people would realize that sometimes we are short a person and that means that someone else has to do that persons share of the work. Since there are only 5 people on our shift at any given point when one person is missing we all feel it, so what if we forgot to do one thing it won't kill you to do it for us.
That's my rant about that.
On the upside I got LOTS of sleep yesterday because my mother in law took Brycen for me!!! It felt good to sleep!!! Amazing how much a little sleep will make life better. I really was at the point where I would have just cried I was that tired. I figure I got about14 hours all week until yesterday so again a huge thank you to my Mother in law. Thanks MOM <3
so for January it is REALLY nice here in sunny winterpeg it is only -5*F that folks is nice, like open the windows and let in the fresh air nice!! I'm not sure what we did to deserve this but it's feeling great!!!

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ter@waaoms said...

I'm happy for the nice weather too! Boo to crummy employees and employers!
It was great to see you today! We'll definitely do this again! :)